AAS: Hispanics in GOP Get Boost

Corrie McLaggan with the Statesman ran a piece on the new Hispanic Republicans of Texas PAC. Chairman Martinez Fischer gave the MALC prospective.

At the Texas Capitol, there are about three dozen Hispanic lawmakers in the House and Senate. The number of those who are Republicans: zero.

That’s what Hispanic Republicans of Texas is trying to change.

The new group, co-founded by George P. Bush (son of Jeb, nephew of George W.), seeks to recruit, elect, support and defend Hispanic Republican candidates and elected officials in Texas, where Hispanics represent 37 percent of the population.

But at a time when an Arizona law has emboldened Republicans nationwide who are opposed to reforms giving illegal immigrants a streamlined path to citizenship and when one statewide officeholder in Texas with a Hispanic surname couldn’t survive his GOP primary, the political action committee is certain to face challenges.

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