Meet the CAUCUS

MALC serves as an information clearinghouse to Caucus members and non-members alike.


How we started

The Mexican American Legislative Caucus (MALC) was founded in 1973 in the Texas House of Representatives by a small group of lawmakers of Mexican American heritage for the purpose of strengthening their numbers and better representing a united Latino constituency across the state. MALC is the oldest and largest Latino legislative caucus in the United States.

In the 1990s, recognizing the growth of the Hispanic population in Texas and anticipating a new ethnic majority, MALC opened membership eligibility to House members of any race or ethnicity who represent majority-Latino constituencies.

As of 2017, MALC has a membership of 41 House members from all parts of the state and is the second largest caucus in the Texas Legislature. MALC Members sit on all but 3 House Committees in the Texas House of Representatives and work together on matters of consequence to our state’s large and growing Latino constituency.

Latinos today represent Texas’ fastest growing political and economic sector. To meet the needs of this rapidly growing population, MALC serves as an information clearinghouse to Caucus members and non-members alike. By researching the implications of policy on Texas’ Hispanic communities and by voting together, the Mexican American Legislative Caucus ensures that the interests of all Texans are represented.

MALC’s educational outreach initiatives, conducted between bi-annual sessions of the Texas Legislature, strive to raise the level of Latino engagement in Texas government and politics.

meet the members

The Caucus Leadership


Rafael Anchía


Mary González

State Representative Armando “Mando” Martinez, MALC Secretary

Armando Martinez

State Representative Armando Walle, MALC Treasurer

Armando Walle

State Representative Ana Hernandez, MALC Legal Counsel

Ana Hernandez

State Representative Eddie Rodríguez, MALC Policy Chair

Eddie Rodriguez

Policy Chair

Freedom to Vote Fund

On July 12th, a group of Texas Legislators including MALC Members made the historic decision to leave the state to deny Governor Greg Abbott the quorum he needed to pass a dangerous, anti-voter bill.

Join us in the fight for your civil rights, and to make democracy a reality for all of us.