Chairman Martinez Fischer responds to Governor Perry’s Emergency Items

Statement from MALC Chairman Trey Martinez Fischer on Governor Perry’s decision to include “Sanctuary Cities” legislation in his emergency items list.

“By placing the abolishment of so-called sanctuary cities on his emergency items list, Governor Rick Perry has decided to gloss over the real challenges at hand and instead focus on proving up his Anti-Federal Government bona fides.

Speaking to a captive audience, and Members of the Legislature, ready to get to work, the Governor should have made the monumental budget shortfall the only emergency item. Instead of leading us through a $27 Billion dollar budget shortfall that is poised to cripple our schools, our communities  and the public health system; we are chasing ghosts.

I think law enforcement officials, not the Governor, know best how to keep our communities safe.

If Governor Perry was truly concerned about the ‘safety and security of our citizens’ he would never over-burden law enforcement with enforcing federal law instead of investigating and preventing violent crime. ”

Contact: Christina Gomez


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On July 12th, a group of Texas Legislators including MALC Members made the historic decision to leave the state to deny Governor Greg Abbott the quorum he needed to pass a dangerous, anti-voter bill.

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