MALC Optimistic After Large Census Gains, Retains Top Litigation Team

Today, while the United States population grew at the slowest rate since the Great Depression, Texas has once again, bucked trend and grew by an astonishing 20.6%.  Today, the numbers will say what Mexican American Legislative Caucus has been saying all along: growth in Texas is Latino growth.

MALC is optimistic that the new Congressional, Senate, House and SBOE Districts will reflect Latino growth and that this new demographic reality trumps politics.

To ensure that the redistricting process is fair and complies with the Voting Rights Act, MALC has retained a top-notch litigation team.

Jose Garza, one of the country’s leading voting rights lawyers, has agreed to lead the MALC team. He is advised by Joaquin Avila, Director of National Voting Rights Advocacy Initiative at the Seattle University School of Law. Dr. Morgan Kousser of the California Institute of Technology has also been retained as an expert witness.

“If there were no Latinos, there would be no population growth to speak of. MALC has been working for over a year to prepare for the fight ahead. Our team has been carefully selected and they represent the best of the best. We are ready to take the lead and, frankly, we are the only logical choice” said Chairman Trey Martinez Fischer.

“I am proud to be affiliated with MALC. Their organization is the only organization positioned to create districts reflective of our new Census numbers.” said Mr. Garza.

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