MALC’s 50th Year Anniversary Resolution


WHEREAS,  The Mexican  American  Legislative  Caucus  is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2023; and WHEREAS, Founded  in  the  Texas  House  of  Representatives  in 1973 by lawmakers of Mexican American heritage, the caucus is the nation s oldest and  largest Latino legislative caucus; its members are dedicated to serving as a voice for a united Latino constituency across the state; and WHEREAS,  The caucus has played a strong   role in writing legislation and shepherding it through passage; in the 1980s, it pushed  through  the  Bilingual Education  Act, unemployment compensation  legislation  that  included  farmworkers,  and  a  minimum wage bill for farmworkers; it also tamped  down  the “English-only” movement; members later successfully fought to increase funding for higher  education  in  South  Texas  and  the  border  region,  and  they helped shape the redistricting process; in the 1990s, in light of the growth of the Hispanic population, MALC opened membership eligibility to House members of any race or ethnicity who represent majority-Latino  constituencies;  and WHEREAS, Paul Moreno of El Paso became the first chair of MALC in  1975;  the  current  chair, Representative  Victoria  Neave  Criado, is the  first Latina  to  lead  the  caucus  in  three  decades;  the  House now has 17 Latinas, the largest number yet; and WHEREAS, In addition to   Chair Neave Criado, the current caucus roster includes officers Vice Chair Christina Morales,