Social Justice

We stand for a just Texas.

environmental justice

Protecting our planet for future generations and for Texans is a top priority for MALC. The move to green energy represents the greatest economic opportunity in a generation, and MALC knows that Texas should be leading the way on green energy, green jobs, and building a sustainable future.

Environmental Justice Priorities:

  • Protecting Marginalized Communities from Harmful pollutants
  • Fight for sustainable practices and green initiatives statewide
  • Creating a Texas Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Commission where selected House Members can study and address the impacts that climate change will have on Texas.
  • Rep. Gina Hinojosa’s Texas Youth Climate Corps, a group of young people in the state dedicated to building a livable future. 

Freedom to Vote Fund

On July 12th, a group of Texas Legislators including MALC Members made the historic decision to leave the state to deny Governor Greg Abbott the quorum he needed to pass a dangerous, anti-voter bill.

Join us in the fight for your civil rights, and to make democracy a reality for all of us.