Mexican American
Legislative Caucus

Building Power for the Latino Community in the Texas House of Representatives.

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About MALC

As of 2021, MALC has a membership of 41 House members from all parts of the state and is the second-largest caucus in the Texas Legislature. MALC Members sit on every House Committee in the Texas House of Representatives and work together on matters of consequence to our state’s large and growing Latino constituency.

MALC’s work goes beyond the halls of the Texas Capitol. Every year during the legislative session and interim, MALC strives to raise the level of Latino engagement in Texas government and politics through policy, education, outreach, organizing, and advocacy.
State Representative Victoria Neave

Victoria Neave

State Representative Christina Morales

Christina Morales

State Representative Mary Ann Perez

Mary Ann Perez

State Representative Armando Walle, MALC Treasurer

Armando Walle

State Representative Armando “Mando” Martinez, MALC Secretary

Armando Martinez



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